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Dear Client,


Do you have a text for which you need a quick and accurate translation at a highly competitive price? If so, you have come to the right place!


For more than 15 years, our company has worked with a large number of translators, each of whom has the necessary expertise to translate your texts into the language of your choice, depending on the type of text to be translated. For example, it could be a medical, legal, financial or technical text. In addition, the translation will be proofread by us. 


If you have any comments or would like to make changes to the translation, we are open to your suggestions. As a company, we will do everything to give you as our client a high degree of satisfaction, so that we can develop our relationship into a successful partnership.


If you opt to work with us on a longer-term basis, we recommend that you establish a glossary with us.


We hope to work with you!

Ann van Overbeke

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